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Main Processing Module

Supply Power: 8 to 24 VDC @ mA nominal reverse polarity protected.

Inputs: 7 Inputs rated for 5 to 24 vdc @ 10 mA with LED Indicators

Terminals 7, 8 and 9 = B12

Terminals 4, 5 and 6 = N12

Terminal 10 = Wheel count reset


Outputs: 3 Outputs sourcing 7 to 24 vdc based on the supply power each rated for 50 mA maximum to drive external circuitry or relays with LED indication.

Terminal 1 = Throw Enable (Maintained)

Terminal 2 = Auto-Line Reverse (Momentary)

Terminal 3 = Auto-Line Normal (Momentary)


PC Connection

PC connection for programming and diagnostics.

Operating Condition: Ambient Temperature –40 Degrees C to + 85 Degrees C

(-40 Degrees F to +185 Degrees F).

Circuitry is housed and potted in a plastic enclosure to prevent Moisture Interference.


Physical Dimensions: 4.0” Tall x 3.1” Wide x 1.0” Thick

Wheel Sensor Module


Supply Power: 8to 24 VDC @ 32 mA nominal. Reverse polarity protected.


Sensing Range: Optimum performance is achieved with the sensor placed at 1.75” below top of rail.


Maximum Distance of wheel sensors from the Main Module:

2000 Ft., using 18 AWG twisted pairs.


Operating Conditions: Ambient Temperature –40 Deg. C to +85 Deg. C

(-40 Deg. F to +185 Deg. F)

Totally encapsulated and sealed to withstand shock vibration, chemicals and water at typical railway environment.


Physical Dimensions: 9.7” Long x 1.75” Thick x 2.8” Tall


Mounting Options: Two (2) through holes are provided for attachment to the bolt on bracket manufactured by Railway Technology Inc. or direct connection using spacer to the rail via 3/8” bolts.


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