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Wheel DetectorSystem (WDS) brings presence detection to the next level of performance and ease.

Low Power Requirements

8 to 24 VDC operating voltage range• 120 mA current draw for a 3-Detector system

Ease of Installation

Only two components, the Main Module and the Sensor/Bracket assembly

• Sensor/ Bracket assembly bolts to the base of the rail. Eliminates drilling of the rail.

• Sensors can be quickly and easily relocated by unbolting the Bracket and reinstalling in the desired location.

• Spring cage connectors for ease of wire connections and reliability of the connection

• Complete flexibility in the size and geometric lay out of the protected zone


Fail Safe Reliability for Any Failure Mode

• Fails safe in the event of loss of power

• Fails safe in the event of loss of communication or broken/loose wire or connection

• Fails safe in the event of damage to the wheel sensor

• Fails safe in the event of a sensor becoming loose or falling off the rail

Extremely Compact Size

• The Main Module measures 3" x 3" x 1"

• The Wheel Sensor/Bracket is 10" x 10" x 6" tall

• Attaches to rail sizes 90 lbs. and larger


Designed for Use in Rugged Railroad Environments

• Both the Main Module and the Wheel Sensor are totally encapsulated and sealed against contamination and water

• Engineered to operate continuously at the shock and vibration levels encountered in rail applications.

• Operating temperature range is –40F to +185F

Maintenance Free

• No tuning of the components at startup or at any time during operation

• The system automatically compensates for changes in ambient conditions

• Activating special operating characteristics is easily accomplished through a laptop comput- er operating in a Windows environment

Enhanced Features

• Missed wheel compensation

• Includes both steady state and pulsed outputs to support “Auto-Line” or other functions

• The Main Module will support up to 28 Wheel Sensors

• The Wheel Sensors can be located up to 2,000 feet from the Main Module

• The Wheel Sensors can be wired in a “daisy chain” fashion greatly simplifying cabling requirements

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